Friday, May 28, 2010

jazz up your life

Heeeeeii .. Last night was so perfect !! do you know why ? coz my ex-boyfriends came to my city ! hee .. it's RAN ! My fubee and i went to Grha Sabha to attend an event called UGM BNI JAZZ 2010 . It walked perfectly. Unfortunately, i didn't get ticket at VVIP . I just saw RAN, Tompi, Dewi Sandra, Audy, etc from long distance . huhuhu
i put our ticket last night. VIP A 190-191 seat D-46 and D-47

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

almost :)

time goes by . i just try to make my life as beautiful as i can . You know, today must be better than yesterday right ? i fill my days with doing things i like. reading, hanging out, studying (hahaha. sometimes ..), playing with my sisters, sleeping ....
there's one thing that makes me not believe. About 2 weeks again, i'll get my 1st year anniversary with my fubee . woa . it's like a miracle. hahaha . i know, maybe it's too much to say . but, i think it's a big occasion . My love life wasn't good at all before. i'm a bored . Being with one boy in more than 6 months was a boring thing. hey, i ever got an affair ! :p
but in fact, having almost 12 months with him, i do being a faithful girl . i dont know but there's something inside him that make me feel in love everyday . yaa , i know, sometimes we had a problem but it made us learn to understand each other more than before.
hey fubee ! i'm so glad to be one of the closest person in your life.
it's almost one year, fubee ..
thank you for everything you gave

gonna prepare something for it, i guess ;)