Thursday, August 5, 2010

why ?

it has been repeatedly i always do the same mistake . i always remember his past memory . i didn't mean to do that, you know . i call it an allergy. began last one year until now , i always allergy with something related my bf's exgirl. only one name makes me allergy. maybe because in the beginning of our relationship, he ever made mistake related to her. it happened over and over again .
i'm afraid , you know ..
i'm afraid if i forget it -about her, of course- it will happen again . hey, i try to think positive . but after all , it always happen again .
uh why it always happen ? how to pretend it all ? i never know the answers.
last night , we were broke up . i'm not sure about that . i think it because we were in emotion but , i dont know ...
i'm tired of this , please ...
how to forget her ????? tell me the way !!! and please Fubee , dont make mistake related to her anymore ....

why , God ?
is break up the only one -and the best- solution ?

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