Thursday, November 19, 2009

Anger Management

Guys, for you who ever had a relation with someone, must be face this situation = have different opinion. yay . in every relationship . relationship with lover, friends and even our parents !
i ever faced this situation with many people. parents, friends, lover and my sisters too ! hahahaha
but, when we got different opinion with others then we became angry, it didn't feel good !
these days, i had some problems with my FuBee. uh-oh, so complicated !
i won't write down the story. i just want to share what we did ..
firstly, i felt so angry. really. i was so emotional. i just want to get mad and yaaaah i thought it would overcome the situation. but i was so wrong. My FuBee got angry too. huhuhu. so sad to know it ! then we talked what we felt and what we wanted that time ..
before it, we controlled our emotion. that's the answer ! Control our emotion. If we followed our emotion, it would be the worst ! and what we need for controlling our emotion is patience !
patience plays crucial role, fyi ...
hmmm , maybe it sounds so cheesy but when we faced problem, we have to be patient. then we can control our emotion. if we got our emotion controlled, we could communicate well !
because communication is one way to overcome the problems .
hee .. am i right ? am i ? am i ? :D

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