Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This Place

Do you see the hearts symbols ? it was the place i met him for the first time . I took this picture at Yos Sudarso Street, Yogyakarta. In the 3rd year of high school, I joined Ganesha Operation and He joined Yuan Study Centre. On the afternoon , about 5pm , after had classes from course . i forget who asked to meet first . That isn't important! hahaha . The important thing's i met him that time. we were shaking hands and telling our name . i said "cantika" and he said "adjie" . Then i walked to my jazzie and he used his silver horse. We went home. I went to Prambanan and he went to Magelang street. hee ..
Nothing's special that day. I felt so ordinary (although i ever had crush with him, i knew that he's chasing someone that time) and so did he. i think he felt sooooooooooooo ordinary too ! hahahaha :D
I never realized that i'll have relationship with him. So impossible ...

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