Saturday, November 7, 2009

Delayed Love

Adjie Febrian Nugroho. I always remember this name. I knew and made friend with him since i was in high school. That time, i was crazy about chatting via mobile phone. The application named mxit. One day, there was a request named "AdJiE" in my mobile phone. I approved him. Day by day, we made friend and i had a crush on him. Unfortunately, i had boyfriend and he was chasing someone. So i walked my life just like usual. Until we passed high school and began university life.
Thank God, although we were from different society (in high school and in college), we never lose contact. Though i ever changed my mobile number. I don't know why, God's secret i think :)
In early 2009, i had some problems with my boyfriend (now, he becomes my ex!!), i needed someone to talk to. So, i looked for him to share some strories in a coffeshop.
Uh-oh, i confused that time, after spending hours together, i felt "click" on him. But i had to be faithful, right ? i delayed that feeling, then ....

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