Thursday, November 19, 2009

Now I've found her

Now I've found someone who can make me happy. very difficult to find her, but when I found it, all have become very beautiful.
she taught me many things, ranging from behavior to attitude. she always made me smile. though I'm not long with her, but I always hoped my time with her would never have ended. generally I love her, I could never escape from herself. all that in her can always reach my attention. but I don't know why she was now, these days she likes to complain and got angry. sometimes I feel tired and can not stand the attitude. but my feelings always sincere that I can beat my ego. sometimes I ask in my heart, "is this love?" and my heart is always yelling, "whether true love really exist?". I will probably find the answers to all questions is in my heart. or maybe she would give me the answers to those questions. I'll never know. who would and who would do right now is just live my life with her and wish the way my life with her would never end. though the people are now shouting "Resurrection 2012 !!!!" but I don't care, I just throw my day with her love life. I never felt so far with her, despite the fact that the distance between my house and her house 24 miles, but I don't care, because this love has conquered all. I can only pray to Almighty God, "Lord, keep her heart is mine to keep, keep her body in order to remain able to hug me, keep her spirit to always go with my life and fill a void in my life, because she is the answer to all questions during this, a fragments of a puzzle is missing, now I've found that piece and I want her to be the last for me .... amien !!!!".
a message to my lover ....
"Love me when I had no heart, hate me when I give up, caring me when I was miserable, and take care of hearts that I have gave to you, keep it with all sincerity that is combined with spices honesty and loyalty in these relationships, I believe you like i believe this love for you, maybe too many flaws in me, but I hope, you can fill the gap, I love my true love .... Single greeting filled with love ... "Fubee" .. "

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