Saturday, November 14, 2009

June 12 , 2009

This date . Something happened . It changed everything . My life, his life. Both of ours.
Began that day, i had someone to share everything with . Except bedroom of course ! hahahaha . Kidding ...

I forget about our conversation. I don't have a good memory, you know ! hee ..
but i remember that i said "I do" to him. After he had weeks to get closer to me, after i made sure that i had the same feeling, so the answer was "I do".

I do comfort around him
I do like him coz we can talk about almost everything !
I do sure he'll always make me happy
and I do really sure that "I LOVE HIM"

FuBee,, (i called him with this nickname)
thank you for everything
i love u soo much !
mmwaah :*

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Anonymous said...

ihiy ihiy..
bagus tik..
lanjutkan ya..

Anonymous said...

ho o setuju ma atasku...
bagus tiq.. lanjutkan..
sapa tau blogmu bisa trus di film in kaya kambing jantan.. hwkwkwk... lumayan tu..

Anonymous said...


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